Lambkins-Newborn to 3 years of age

The lambkins check in area is located on the first floor of he building just past the Agape Hall. the Lambkins use The bible and Life curriculum. Loving teachers and caretakers will feed your child the word of God, pray with them, sing worship songs with them, and teach them how to follow Jesus. Each lesson involves a craft for the child to take home.

Little Lambs-ages 3 to 6

The little lambs will be on the third floor for each service. Each lesson involves a coloring page directly related to the day's lesson. A corporate gathering with the lambs group (ages 7-12) for worship, an object lesson, prayer, and questions from the Jesus Jars. The little lambs are then sent back to their classrooms with there teachers for a simple lesson and a craft related to the lesson.

Lambs-ages 7 to 12

The lambs are preparing for transformation into sheep (adult believers). We feel strongly that they need the pure milk of God's word to help them prepare for the sanctuary services as well as the life of a follower of Jesus. The lambs will start off with a corporate gathering with the little lambs and then be left in room 1 for the 25 minute teaching/preaching of God's Word (The Holy Bible). The children will then get structured free time for 7-10 minutes. We then will have a 5 minute prayer time.  Class will end with a review of the lesson. With parental consent children ages 10-12 will be dismissed to the sanctuary after Sunday School all others need to picked up by a parent or a guardian.


Light of the Lambs Sunday School Rules

1. Listen to your teachers

2. Raise your hand to ask questions, don't interrupt

3. No feet on other chairs, slouching, or rocking back on chairs

4. Must get permission to leave the classroom